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Most homeowners who plan their own kitchens tend to replace their old cabinets with a similar layout, just because it is familiar and they conceive that changing things around will cost too much. Experience has shown us that many homeowners can have a much nicer and more functional kitchen, even their dream kitchen, by enlisting the help of a professional designer to design a great kitchen for you, one that suits your home, budget, tastes and lifestyle.

Having helped hundreds of homeowners remodel, install and finish new kitchens, we've identified the most basic, vital concerns a homeowner should address when planning a new kitchen. The issues are both technical (walls, floors, electrical, etc.) and creative. A professional plan takes all factors into account and results in the most attractive and functional kitchen possible within the budget and space available.

The layout of your kitchen will determine how cook-friendly your kitchen is.   Ask yourself:

  • Will I have to walk far while cooking?

  • Will I have enough space to cook when someone else is in the kitchen?

  • Will I have room to store all my cooking pots and ingredients?

  • Will I be able to easily rinse dishes and load them into the dishwasher?

  • Do I prefer a range or a separate cook top and oven?

  • Do I need a prep sink and a cleanup sink?

  • Do I need an eating area in the kitchen?

  • Do I prefer modern and industrial look or traditional and conservative look?

  • How many hours am I going to spend in the kitchen daily?

  • How many days a week am I planning to cook?

  • How many times in my life are we going to remodel the kitchen?

  • How important is the kitchen for me?

Of course, since you are remodeling, the structure of your existing home will limit your layout options. Lescas Enterprises is experienced in thinking outside the box and will incorporate our innovative ideas to help you build your dream kitchen. Some of your options include removing walls, opening up floor plan just to work the right angles.

Our professional and experienced team will design and install the right kitchen for you. We guarantee to make the job right the first time. Nobody can compete with our prices and our standards.

Below is just a sampling of our kitchen projects.
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